Treatment Facility

Who We Help

If you or a loved one is hurting, we can help.

We help those who feel all alone, who feel helpless or hopeless, those struggling to hold on or find their place in the world again, those self medicating with drugs or alcohol to avoid dealing with their painful realities.

It took a great deal, to get where you or they are yet, it only takes one phone call to change it.

Although we are targeting female veterans, we will accept any female who is at least 18 years of age, who has a desire to heal, who will follow the rules and has the ability to pay for treatment.

About Our Treatment Facility

Crestview Ranch is a long term Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility. This facility is designed as a working ranch to cater to the needs of females (with a concentration on United States Armed Forces Veterans) dealing with drug/alcohol addiction/mental health and homelessness issues.

There are no time specifications for this program. However, a typical stay will range between three to eighteen months, to include three months transitional housing (if stay is longer than 9 months). Programs will include alcohol and/or drug treatment, education, mental health therapies and rehabilitation along with random drug screening.

canoeing and fishinf available

Treatment is defined as “the use of any planned, intentional intervention. In the health, behavior, personal and/or family life of an individual suffering from alcoholism or from another drug dependency/mental health issues, designed to enable the affected individual to achieve and maintain sobriety, physical and mental health, and a maximum functional ability.”

There are many components of treatment including, but not limited to, physical and psychiatric evaluations, counseling, group therapy, self-help support and treatment for co-morbid physical or behavioral complications, and medication assisted therapy.

Facility to offer; Canoeing, Hiking, Fishing, Boating, Arts and Crafts, Farming, Gardening, Pet Therapy, Archery, Camp-Outs/Camp Fires, Meditation and Prayer/Quiet Time.